National Licorice Day

So if you love licorice today is your day……..
Well, aren’t we lucky!? Today is National Licorice Day. Licorice is one to the worlds favorite flavors. It is only fitting that we take a day to appreciate this great tasting herb… that’s right, Licorice is a herb. Licorice has been used for foods and medicinally, since ancient times. Licorice was even found in King Tut’s tomb.
Licorice is best known for the candy that bears it’s name. But, it flavors many other things, including tea, many foods and desserts, alcohol and even tobacco products. You will even find licorice in cosmetics.  Did You Know? Anise and licorice have a similar taste. But, they are not related.
Since ancient times, licorice has been used medicinally around the world, for a wide range of ailments. For this reason alone, licorice earns the right to have a special day of recognition. Medicinal uses include:  It is a natural laxative, relieves menstrual cramps and discomfort of menopause, relieves pain and discomfort from ulcers, good for adrenal gland, cancer treatments for breast and prostrate. It even lowers the effect of aging in the brain t’s easy to participate in National Licorice Day. Go get some licorice candy, or anything that has licorice flavoring in it…… and enjoy!
Origin of “National Licorice Day”:
This special day was created by Licorice International in 2004, to promote it’s line of licorice candies. While this day was created for commercial purposes, licorice lovers, like you and me, will agree that licorice deserves its own day of recognition and appreciation.

Well Licorice sure has changed over the years from the prospective that it is not just Black licorice any more…………….So what is your favorite flavor?

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