Who Remembers 8 Track Tapes????

Well today is the day to celebrate as it is EIGHT TRACK TAPE DAY
Eight Track Tape Day brings back fond memories of the sixties and seventies. During this era, eight track tapes ruled the music world. America’s love of the automobile, was a driving force in creating the demand for musical cassette formats. For those who grew up in this era, an eight track tape player in your home and your car was an essential. It was eventually replaced by cassette and other formats for storing music.
Eight Track Tape Day is a day to bring back fond memories of the sixties and seventies. If you still have tapes and a player, by all means enjoy the day listening to some great music. If not, just spend a few minutes looking back in time to when you loved your eight track tapes!
If you are under 50 or 60 years old, this holiday likely means little to nothing to you. We suspect this holiday may eventually fade away as time passes. Did you know? Eight track tapes were created by the jet maker William Lear.

Does anyone still have any of these? I’m sure my friend Daniel does.

Well if you do you will need one of these to listen to them…

#8Track #Vintage #OldiesButGoodies #Elephant #GreatMemories


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