Spunky Old Broads Day

This holiday is always on February 1. Spunky Old Broads Month is February. Spunky Old Broads Day is upon us. Aren’t you glad!? This special day exists to give all Spunky Old Broads (S.O.B.) a day to recognize their importance, and to celebrate themselves and their accomplishments. It is also a perfect day for the young ladies among us an opportunity to begin planning and preparing to become a Spunky Old Broad someday. When thinking about what an S.O. B. should be, one thinks of: successful, independent, self-reliant, smart, intelligent, outgoing and out-spoken, resourceful, bold, brave, and anything but shy. Spunky Old Broads Day Slogan: Women are like fine wine. They get better with age. What do you do on this day? According to the originator “Although I am the Spunky Old Broad, generally for women it means Spunky, Open and Brave. I think that says it all.” As for you guys out there, you should be supportive and understanding of course, and rather than criticize, it might be great to appreciate them for who they are. Among many other things, Dr. Gayle Carson, the originator of this day, is author of “How to Be an S.O.B–A Spunky Old Broad Who Kicks Butt.” It’s a “must read” for all spunky old broads, and anyone who aspires to be one. Having just one day to celebrate being spunky old broads is hardly enough. Dr. Carson turned February into Spunky Old Broads Month. She also picks a Spunky Old Broad of the Year. Past winners have been Cloris Leachman, Dolly Parton, Sharon Osbourne, Goldie Hawn, Katie Couric, Helen Mirren. FYI Spunky Old Broads Day is a trademarked holiday.

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