Bittersweet Chocolate Day

This holiday is always on January 10. Fellow choco-holics, today is Bittersweet Chocolate Day. In case you didn’t get enough chocolate and sweets over the long holidays, here is a chance to delve into some bittersweet chocolate. Did you really need a reason to indulge!? While milk chocolate may be the most popular type of chocolate, bittersweet chocolate has it’s place high on our list. Did you know that guys tend to prefer bittersweet chocolate, while gals usually prefer milk chocolate. Like ’em both!?? That’s perfectly okay…..and normal. Okay, you know that bittersweet chocolate tastes good. But, what distinguishes it from other chocolates. Bittersweet chocolate is a sweeter form of dark chocolate. Unlike milk chocolate, it has no milk. It is darker, and richer than most other chocolates, and is the most popular chocolate for baking. Did You Know? Americans consume over 3.1 billion pounds of chocolate a year.  



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