Emergency Nurses Day

Second Wednesday in October. Emergency Nurses Day recognizes an important care giver. According to the Emergency Nurse’s Association “Emergency Nurses Day salutes the dedication and commitment of emergency nursing professionals, who bring care, comfort, and compassion to patients…….”  Emergency room nurses see it all. And, often it “ain’t good”. Yet, they return to work, knowing they make a difference to sick, injured and sometimes dying people that enter the ER each and every day. Emergency Nurse’s Day is held during Emergency Nurses Week. Emergency Nurse everywhere, we hope you enjoy this day. History and Origin of Emergency Nurses Day: Although they did not say so, we believe the Emergency Nurse’s Association most likely created this day. They certainly sponsor it. There is some reference to this as an “International” day. It is also celebrated in Australia and Canada. We found a few references to an Emergency Nurse’s Day in May. It is unclear as to how a May date may have begun.



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