World Teacher Day

Always October 5th. Teachers deserve a little recognition, and some thanks and appreciation. Aside from parents and direct family, who else has as much influence on the hearts ann minds of a child… your child? Teachers not only educate, but they help to shape and frame your child’s beliefs, values, and behaviors. Parents and students are encouraged to offer thanks and recognition today. A simple “thanks”, or an ecard is sufficient.  BTW: An apple a day may keep the  doctor away. But, teachers love to get apples. If you are a teacher, Happy World Teacher Day! Related Holiday: National Teachers Day History and Origin of World Teacher Day: World Teachers’ Day was initiated by the Director-General of UNESCO, Federico Mayor, at the International Conference on Education in Geneva in 1993. On October 5, 1966, a UNESCO and the International Labour Organisation  conference adopted a special recommendation on Teachers. The date of this event was selected as the date to annually honor and recognize teachers around the world.

I dedicate this day and post to my sister Phyllis as well as all the other FANTASTIC TEACHERS. You are under appreciated and underpaid.

#Teachers #Appreciate#Phyllis#ThankYou#Elephants


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