National Slider Day

This day is dedicated to my friend Denda……………….who can never come to town without me taking her straight to White Castle’s for her hamburger fix as soon as she lands in Chicago. Today is National Sliders Day a special holiday event created by White Castle restaurant. Funny, but this holiday coincides with your lucky day! Why you ask? It’s because every year, White Castle’s 400 (or so) restaurants give away free sliders. If there isn’t a White Castle restaurant near you, you just might find another restaurant getting in on the fun, offering either free sliders or specials. So, slide on over to your local White Castle restaurant and chow down on a few sliders.  The original slider was a square, two inch hamburger on a small bun. It was created by White Castle restaurant in 1921. Back then, White Castle sold them for a nickel each. They were sold in sacks. Time Magazine once called the slider “the most influential burger”. By definition, a slider is any sandwich on a small hamburger bun. The original hamburger variety remains the most popular. Many restaurants have “hijacked” the name slider, and now make them out of all sorts of meats. After hamburger, chicken and barbequed pulled pork are the favorites. Don’t be surprised, if you chance across some very unique sliders. Sliders are popular on menus as appetizers. They also make a great late night snack. But, can you eat just one? We think not.

Did You Know? In 2014, Time Magazine proclaimed the White Castle Slider “the most influential burger of all time”.

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