Trivia Day

Whether the roots of Trivia Day are deep….or whether this day was established by the Ecard dot coms is irrelevant. There’s nothing trivial about this special day. Trivia Day is a fun day. It is an opportunity for us to share those many little trinkets of knowledge. It doesn’t matter how big or how trivial. Dazzle your friends and family with generous portions of trivia today! There are countless books and websites with an unending list of trivia on just about every subject imaginable.

Not sure what the weather is by you but it is a cold winters day here. Kids are on Christmas/Winter Break so it’s a good day for some fun and games…………….What better than trivia. Hope you enjoy the day and by the way Happy New Year…..

Beer Trivia

Chocolate Trivia

#Trivia #Fun#Games #Elephant


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