Garden Meditation Day

This holiday is always on May 3. Walk out to your garden. Roll out your meditation mat, and assume a yoga position, as today is Garden Meditation Day. Every gardener knows that gardening is good for the mind, body, and soul. It is also known that meditation gives us inner peace and tranquility. It helps us to connect with ourselves, and even with nature. So, Garden Meditation Day is an outstanding merging of the values and benefits of gardening and meditation. Per C.L, Fornari, the creator of this special day: “Garden meditation day honors the fact that when we’re working in the landscape we have the opportunity, if we choose to take it, to let the rest of the world fall away. This is indeed what meditation is: letting go of all thoughts, concerns, worries and focusing on just one thing…in this case, what we’re doing in the garden. It is as calming as a mantra, or focusing on the breath, to name two common forms of meditation. So those who seek a spiritual retreat, a calming yoga experience, actually have that in their own backyards!” How can we celebrate and participate in Garden Meditation Day? Fornari suggest “Pick one thing to do. It could be pulling weeds, planting seedlings, turning soil or spreading mulch. Go out with the idea that you’ll spend X amount of time on that task…it could be 20 minutes or two hours…it doesn’t matter but be realistic. Leave your cell phone in the house. That’s right, leave your phone behind! (You can do it.) As you work, focus only on what your task at hand is. When you notice other things that have to be done, thank your mind for mentioning those but tell yourself you’ll think about those tasks later. Gently turn your mind and body back to the one job at hand every time you’re distracted. At the end of your work, or when your time finishes, take satisfaction in what you’ve accomplished. A deep breath, and then return to the world.” For those of us who are already gardeners, we know this feeling full well. For those of you yet to try your hand at gardening, use today to find the joy, peace, serenity, and therapeutic value of gardening. You’ll be glad you did. If you do not have a garden, and have no way of creating one, here are some great places to do your meditation today:

  • An Arboretum
  • A Botanical garden
  • A park

We hope you have a calm and peaceful Garden Meditation Day.

Origin of Garden Meditation Day: This special day was conceived by C.L. Fornari, of Osterville, Ma. Fornari is an author and radio personality. For more information about her, visit her website at

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