Husband Appreciation Day

Third Saturday in April. Note: Some internet sites erroneously record Husband Appreciation Day on other dates near the third Saturday of April. They fail to take into account that this is not a fixed date event. The objective of this special day is for wives to show appreciation to husbands in a marriage with no children. In a marriage with children, there is Father’s Day , a day to recognize the value of husbands with kids. So, it is only fitting that there be a special day, today, to recognize and show appreciation to childless husbands.  It should be very easy to show appreciation to your husband, for who he is, and for the many great things he does. You know him well, his likes and dislikes. Start by telling him he is appreciated. Give him a few examples why. Next, select a couple of things he likes or likes to do, and make it happen. You can give him a gift today, but it is not a requirement. While this day was originally intended to honor husbands in a childless marriage, we encourage all wives to show appreciation for their husbands on this day, too. After all, showing your appreciation today and everyday is a great way to have a great marriage. Ladies, you will get your day, too. It’s in September……. Wife Appreciation Day

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