Submarine Day

Submarine Day…. does it celebrate the submersible boat, or the big hero sandwich? Most everywhere you find documentation on this day, it hails today as a day to celebrate the submarine boat. We are certain that the April 17th holiday is about military submarines, as the U.S. Submarine Force was established on this date in 1900. That leaves us wondering what the March 17 Submarine Day is all about. Perhaps, it is in celebration of hero subs!? Enjoy Submarine Day by watching movies featuring them. Or, read a book about submarines. If you live near a naval museum, take a drive to see a submarine today, and if allowed, go aboard. If you work at a deli, it’s perfectly okay to celebrate Submarine Day with a hero submarine of your choice. If you own the deli, give us a deal and run a Submarine Day special. And in this case, celebrate Submarine Day. On March 17th. Question: What is the world’s most well known submarine? It’s the Yellow Submarine, written and recorded by the Beatles.

#Submarine #Underwater #Elephant


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