Save the Elephant Day / World Elephant Day

Elephants are the largest mammal to roam the earth today. Their numbers are dwindling, and their very survival is at risk. That makes Save the Elephant Day an extremely important day. Also called World Elephant Day,  this very special day was created to call attention to the plight of our beloved Pachyderms. Young and old, we all love elephants, They are the most popular animal in the zoo. Unfortunately, in their native environment their very survival as a species is at risk, due to shrinking habitat and poaching. Poaching is taking a very serious toll, as their tusks made of ivory is prized. While the sale of ivory is banned around the world, it commands a huge price on the black market. On Save the Elephant Day, visit the elephants at your local zoo. Find out more about groups that are working to save their habitat, as well as those fighting poachers, who kill elephant for their ivory tusks. Support them with a donation, if you can.

#ElephantDay #WorldElephantDay #Beautiful #Elephant

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