National Earmuff Day is observed annually on March 13th.

If you live in a cold climate like Chester Greenwood did, and had large, protruding ears, like Chester Greenwood did, you might be thankful for his invention. National Earmuff Day honors the man who found a better way to keep our ears warm all winter long.

After a day of ice skating in the cold, 15-year-old Chester came up with an idea to keep his big ears warm. Partnering with his grandmother who sewed tufts of fur between loops of wire, Chester soon had a working model.

Farmington, Maine is now the “Earmuff Capital of the World”

On March 13, 1877, he was awarded a patent. It was one of many. He was a prolific inventor, but the invention he is most known for is the earmuff.

For almost 60 years, Greenwood manufactured these ear protectors, which provided jobs for the people in the Farmington, Maine area.

HOW TO OBSERVE: Wear your favorite earmuffs

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