March 8th is National Peanut Cluster Day!  Melted chocolate mixed with peanuts make a perfect combination for a sweet and salty deliciousness!

Two things had to happen for peanut clusters to even exist.  First, a method had to be invented for the cocoa bean to be processed and transformed into what we know as chocolate.  That process wasn’t widely used until about the late 1890s and just about the same time the second extraordinary thing happened; agriculture found a way to grow the peanut and bring it to the public with steel tools and steam power.  

It didn’t take long for confectioneries to add the now readily available peanuts to melted chocolate.  The sheer simplicity of the salty peanuts added to sweetened chocolate is a mouthwatering temptation few can resist, even today.


Peanut clusters are an easy to make snack that can be ready in just minutes.  Melt the chocolate. Add the peanuts and stir them together. Drop them by spoonfuls into a “cluster” on waxed paper or foil and let them harden and then ENJOY!!  

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