Global Belly Laugh Day

Always January 24 at precisely 1:24 p.m. local time

Now here’s a day that is certain to make you laugh. It’s Global Belly Laugh Day!

This is a “feel good” day. It’s so easy and enjoyable to participate in this day. The originator has this celebration established down to the minute. On exactly 1:24p.m. on your local time, put a big smile on your face, throw your hands into the air, and give a hearty laugh as loud as you can. Let it resonate all the way from your belly. The result is certain to make you and those around you feel better, Yes, your belly laugh should not be performed alone. Rather, do a belly laugh or two in front of others. Better still, get a group of friends together in a public place, and have a pleasurable belly laugh as a group. Everyone will be glad you did!

There are four goals for Global Belly Day:

  • To celebrate and remember past laughter.
  • To connect with others via laughing. Hence, doing it in public with others is the best way to celebrate.
  • To remember the importance of laughs and smiles.
  • To gain the health benefits of smiling and laughing. Laughter is the best medicine.

We strongly recommend you get someone to do a video of your participation, and post it on social media. The problem with this, is finding someone who doesn’t want to participate in the laughing, as this event is too much fun to sit back on the sidelines.

#GlobalBellyLaugh #Laughter #Elephant #GoodForYourSoul


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