National Espresso Day is observed annually on November 23.

The word espresso (/ɛˈsprɛsoʊ/; Italian pronunciation: [eˈsprɛsso]) in Italian means ‘quick in time’. Before the advent of the espresso machine, espresso was simply a coffee expressly made for the person ordering it and made with recently roasted beans which were freshly ground before brewing and freshly brewed before serving. In the late 1800s, this was common practice in cafés and restaurants.

Today, the freshness has been maintained, but we have come to know espresso as a highly concentrated brew served in smaller quantities or used as a base for other, delicious coffee creations. This modern view of espresso is due to the advent of the espresso machine. In 1901, the first successful espresso machine was invented by Italian inventor Luigi Bezzera. The newer technologies produced a smaller, more concentrated cup more quickly than more traditional coffee brewing methods.

This thicker, more intense brew creates a creamy foam on top called the crema.  The richer flavors and aromas of an espresso create delicious lattes, mochas, cappuccinos, macchiato and many cafe’ creations.


Enjoy a cup of espresso

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