National Kentucky Day 10/19/19

On October 19, National Kentucky Day recognizes the 15th state to be granted statehood.

The Bluegrass State became the first to enter the union west of the Appalachian Mountains. Home to the Kentucky Derby, Fort Knox and the birthplace of one the nation’s most beloved presidents, Kentucky is bordered by rivers on three of its four boundaries.

Musical roots run deep in Kentucky.  There’s opportunity from ancient history to modern day to explore all variety of music the state holds dear.  Of course, it’s called The Bluegrass State for a reason!

When it comes to athletic pursuits, Kentuckians are skilled both on and off the court.  The Kentucky Derby, one of the jewels of the Triple Crown, takes place in May every year in Louisville. Founded in 1875, the derby holds many traditions, including serving mint juleps.

On the court and the field, they keep up a fierce rivalry with their Hoosier neighbors.  Basketball, in particular, has held a strong tradition in the state.

Daniel Boone blazed trails through Kentucky, and several state parks and sites bear his name.  Along those paths are all the natural wonders of Kentucky. From the Mammoth Caves (they are mammoth because they’re the longest in the world) to the national forests, crystal clear lakes and magnificent waterfalls.

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