National Spumoni Day

It’s a hot summer day. If you need another reason to enjoy some ice cream, then you’ve got it. For today, is National Spumoni Day.
Spumoni is an Italian ice cream, originating in Naples, Italy. It was brought to America by immigrants in 1870. While it is enjoyed any day of the year, many people consider it a Christmas time dessert or treat.
Spumoni is made of  layers of ice cream (usually vanilla, but sometimes chocolate) candied fruits, cherries, and nuts. Pistachios are commonly used. Whipped cream is included in some recipes. Did You Know? Canada celebrates Spumoni Day on November 13. Certainly, you know how to celebrate National Spumoni Day?  Have some Spumoni ice cream! The Origin of National Spumoni Day:
We know that Spumoni was first created in Naples, Italy. Too good to be kept a secret, Spumoni has become popular worldwide.
Our research did not find a identify an individual or group having created this day.

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