National Apple Turnover Day

Served as a dessert or as a snack, apple turnovers are the most popular of turnovers, and is enjoyed by millions of people. Research suggests this puffy fruit filled pastry was first served in the 19th century. But, ancient cultures made turnovers, calling them portable pies, as they fit in your hand, and could easily be carried. Today, they are also sometimes called “hand-held pies”.
Apple turnovers are commonly baked. They can also be fried. In addition to fruit, turnovers can also be filled with meats, potatoes and just about any food you can imagine. Did You Know? Apple and Cherry turnovers are the most popular, followed by Blueberry. How to Celebrate National Apple Turnover Day: It will come as no surprise to learn that the best way to enjoy  National Apple Turnover Day, is to make fresh apple turnovers, and to eat as many apple turnovers as you can today. Happy National Apple Turnover Day!!

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