Well with the advent of the smart phone, everyone takes Selfies but Today is Actually National Selfie Day…….

So grab your cell phone and Selfie away today…………….it is expected….
Today is National Selfie Day. It’s a cinch to participate in this holiday. And, it’s fun! Simply take your smartphone out of your pocket or purse, and take a selfie. Better yet, get a couple friends, and take a selfie with them. Make sure to put on as big smile. And, don’t forget to post it on Facebook.
Selfies are extremely popular. Millions of them are taken each and every day. It kind of makes you wonder why we need a special day to encourage us to take a selfie.
Most people believe selfies originated when smartphones came on the scene. Smartphones have built-in, hi pixel cameras, with a lens on both sides of the camera, making it easy to take a selfie. In actuality, selfies were around for a long, long time, they just weren’t called “selfies”. Back in the day of film based cameras, some cameras had a delay feature on the camera. You could set the camera up on a table or tripod, aim it, and press the delay button (usually ten seconds). Then, you had to run to where the camera was aimed and pose. They were not called selfies. Although, some people referred to them as “self-portraits”. Thought for the Day? If a picture you take of yourself is called a “selfie”, shouldn’t a picture you take of you and a group of friends be called a “groupie”? The Origin of National Selfie Day:
Our research did not find the creator of this special day. This day was originated sometime after the arrival of smartphones with built-in cameras with the capability to take hand-held selfies. At,most this holiday has been around since the early 2000’s.

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