Well what will you be doing for Monkey Around Day?

Today is a day to  “Go Ape!” Put aside your troubles and worries. Throw off the shackles of stress on every day living. Lock up your inhibitions in a safe, or a drawer. For today, is hereby declared Monkey Around Day!
We all need a day (and probably more than one) to just monkey around, doing anything that comes to mind. It can be silly. It can be inane. Or, it can be a wild, crazy whimsy, something we’ve always wanted to do, but sensibility held you back. In other words, go out and have some untamed fun! Tomorrow, you will be glad that you did.
You can celebrate this special holiday, with just about any kind of monkey business. For example, you can:

  • Monkey around. – – I bet you can think of a number of ways to “monkey around”
  • Act like a monkey
  • Put a banana in one hand, scratch your armpit with the other, as you make monkey noises. You get extra points for doing this in public.
  • Visit monkeys at the zoo.
  • Draw pictures of monkeys
  • Buy monkey stuffed animals, and other paraphernalia

But, what every you do, Money Around Day is not a time to be shy, sensible, or logical.  The Origin of Monkey Around Day:

This fun day was created in 2016 by Bob Matthews, of Rochester, NY. Bob is the creator of Holiday Insights. He selected June 14th, in honor of the birthday of his daughter Kimberly. Since she was a little child, Kimberly just loved monkeys and everything about them. According to Bob: “There is way too much stress in our everyday lives. We need at least one day to set aside our stress, troubles, and worries, and to just relax and monkey around.”

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