Pick Strawberries Day

Well if you work this maybe a difficult day to celebrate by actually picking strawberries so you may want to pick some up on your way home. Pick Strawberries Day is a sweet, tasty way to enjoy a late spring day. If your mom or dad ever took you picking fresh strawberries, you have a wonderful childhood memory. That memory is what will draw you to enjoy today with your own kids or grandkids! If you’ve never picked fresh strawberries, you’ve missed out on the fun. Many of those tasty berries never make it out of the field…… they go straight to your mouth.
For those who have picked strawberries before, get out today and pick some. For those who have never picked them in the field, start a new tradition today! What are you waiting for?….. go now!  For strawberry fun, and information on how to grow strawberries, see More on Strawberries

OK so maybe rather they actually going out and picking strawberries you would rather just “pick” yours up and eat then and perhaps would prefer them covered in chocolate?

#Strawberries #Delish #GoodForYou #HaveFun #Elephant #MakeItAnOutting

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