Well Today is NOT ONLY Pecan Day but it is also Waffle Day

So here is a thought you can have Pecan Waffles and thereby celebrate both holidays at once…………………..Just a thought

Just to be clear Pecan Day is today March 25 however National Pecan Day is April 14 so you can either pick or just celebrate both.
Pecan Day is a rather nutty day. Its a day to celebrate and enjoy popular, tasty pecans. Apparently, someone thought that it was such a great nut, that they created two days to celebrate Pecans. One in March, and the other in April. A little nutty perhaps, but true.  Name the only nut tree native to North America. … You guessed it…….. Pecan trees.

While today is International Waffle Day there is also a National Waffle Day which is celebrated on August 24th.
Waffle Day is a day that you can waffle on issues and decisions. And, it certainly is a day to  get out the waffle iron and eat waffles. And since it is Pecan Day also you might as well throw those in your batter as well. International Waffle Day
This holiday originated in Sweden. It is called Våffeldagen. The holiday coincides with the Feast of the Annunciation. This day was also considered the start of spring in Sweden and Europe.  It became a custom for Swedish families to celebrate the two events by making waffles on this day. National Waffle Day
Celebrates the patenting of the waffle iron by Cornelius Swarthout of Troy, New York on August 24, 1869. The origin of the waffle:  The waffle dates back to the 1300s in Greece. Greeks cooked flat cakes between two metal pans. At the time, they topped it with cheeses and herbs. Pancake syrup wasn’t around back then.
Waffles are commonly eaten as breakfast or a snack. They are also an occasional dinner meal for some people. They can be made for a dessert as well, so really you can eat them at anytime of the day or night.

Waffle Iron Day is Actually June 29 but you can’t have waffles without an Iron….Right?

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