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So get a hold of your bestie’s and have a spot of tea……..this day always occurs on the Third Tuesday of March so you can plan something big for the future.

Tea for Two Tuesday is established for two or more people to enjoy a cup of tea together. Tea is a very relaxing beverage. And, how much more pleasant it is, when it is enjoyed with others. While the name of this very special day, is Tea for Two Tuesday, we encourage you to have “a spot of tea” with any number of people. Go ahead…. make it a Tea party. The more, the merrier!
Call yourself a “Teetotaler” if you like. But, drinking tea does not make you a Teetotaler. (Sometimes spelled Teatotaler, Tee Totaler and other variations) By definition, a Teetotaler is someone who has sworn off alcohol, often turning to tea as a substitute.
They say variety is the spice of life. We encourage you to try different types of tea today. There is no shortage of tea flavors, some have caffeine, some are caffeine-free. Please drink responsibly! If your drink tea, you can still drive. And, it is good for you. Origin of Tea for Two Tuesday:
This special day was created by the tea lovers at Holiday Insights, in March, 2016.

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