Well not sure what your political views are but whatever they are, today is President’s Day And we are REALLY in Luck cause it is ALSO National Drink Wine Day

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Since 1968, it is observed on the third Monday in February.
President’s Day is a day set aside to honor all of the U.S. presidents. We often think of two great presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln when we celebrate this holiday, as it falls by design between their birthdays. More and more of us, look at this day as a tribute to each and every person who has ever served in the office f the President of the United States of America.It is a national holiday,. While Federal employees, the post office, and banks have the day off, most businesses and industry do not recognize it as a paid holiday.

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Since your probably off work it is a good day to Celebrate National Drink Wine Day.
Now here’s a day we all can enjoy, assuming you are 21 or older, of course.
Go down to the wine cellar, or the nearest liquor store, and select a very fine wine. Or, go rent a limo and go on a winery tour. We all know that apples were the first fruit, in the garden of Eden. Grapes were most likely there, too. It was probably soon after, that wine was discovered.  This author envisions an early Cave Man, finding some grapes that he had stored in his cave. His kids had accidentally stomped on them some time before, while playing in the cave. Food was scarce back then. Our Cave Man drank the juice lying in a puddle on the shelf, and the rest is history! 

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So you can celebrate both with this cup you can use it to drink your wine….

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