Well Who could not use another friend?? We today is the day……it is Make A Friend Day……….

So maybe today is the day to invite someone new for a cup of coffee and a chat…..

Do you have enough friends? The answer should be no. No matter how many friends we have, more of them increases our wealth. That’s because friends are one of life’s valuable assets. ‘Ya just can’t have too many friends.
Make a Friend Day is a great opportunity to meet someone new, or do something to make a new friend. Making a new friend can be easier to do than you think. There must be a gadzillion ways to make new friends. It often helps by smiling and just being friendly or helpful.
Spend “Make a Friend Day” being just being friendly, and by doing special or nice things for others.
Oh, by the way…. I hope that you will be my friend!

So send me a message and let me know how many of you have made a new friend today. This could be really fun. Can’t wait to hear from you…..

#MakeAFriendDay #New #Fun #Elephant #Celebrate

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