Well Bacon Lovers this day is for YOU!!!! Today is: Bacon Day

Bacon Day: December 30 
International Bacon Day : the Saturday before Labor Day

Bacon Day and International Bacon Day celebrates crispy strips of salted pork…Bacon! This is a day to thoroughly enjoy bacon at every meal. Snack time, too. It is recommend that you enjoy bacon today in social gatherings. So, go ahead, and have a bacon party!! Lucky use we get 2 days every year to have an excuse to go hog wild(pardon the pun) on bacon

Suggested Bacon Menu for this Day:

  •  Start the day with bacon and eggs. Go ahead, take a couple extra strips.
  • For lunch, its definitely a BLT or Turkey Club with Bacon sandwich. And, don’t forget a cup of potato and bacon soup.
  • Dinner can be a wide range of entrees, from a bacon cheeseburger to a bacon wrapped steak or bacon wrapped  scallops. Your salad should be topped with bacon bits, as well as your loaded baked potato.
  • For snack, it’s cheesey bacon

It appears that Bacon Day in December and International Bacon Day evolved separately.

We found conflicting reports about who created International back Day. Residents in Bradford, Ma. claim to have created this day in 2000. A group of Boulder, Colorado graduate students also claim to have created this special day, in 2004. We have yet to find any information on who created Bacon Day in December. It appears to have roots in the United Kingdom before 2000.

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Well if you are looking for a gift for the bacon lover in your life or you just want a special treat for yourself……. what about one of these:

This will satisfy not only their love for candy canes by bacon to……….. 


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