While this is a Joyous time of year for most…..It can be REALLY Stressful…..for a LOT of People…..

I know it is the holiday season and it is fun, frolic and oh yes STRESSFUL!!! You may be stressed because of all that you need to get done and ready during this season or maybe you are stressed because for you this is a very lonely time of year. This is hard time of year for a lot of people and I get that. We need to do thing to help our self and others.

If you know someone that is alone, I ask that you reach out to them and offer to include them. While some people just need to be alone to process during this time of year that is OK too. But you need to remember to check on people that you know do not have anyone or that may be going through a hard time and just need a little support and friendship during this time of year. Stress kill…..

Chronic stress keeps stress hormones elevated, suppresses the immune system, and can put you at higher risk for heart disease or cancer. If high stress levels continue over extended periods of time, this puts you at higher risk for many diseases and can shorten your lifespan.

Elevated stress hormones will interfere with the body’s ability to properly digest and assimilate food and even lowers insulin sensitivity, which can lead to weight gain or pre-diabetes.

Factors besides just mental or emotional stress can create the same physical reaction. Toxins from our food, water, and air can create a stress reaction in the body, as can an unhealthy diet or lack of sleep.

I just found out about this healing music that could help reduce stress and help you sleep and wanted to share it with you all: 

This gives you the whole set with the book….

This one is just the music CD’s

You may have pets that need some assists with calming and soothing as well..

#Stress #Healing #Music #Elephant #Help #Support #Holidays #Pets

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