12/7/18 International Civil Aviation Day….. Which interestingly coincides with Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day……..

International Civil Aviation Day promotes awareness of the importance of international civil aviation. 
This special day was created to promote and bring awareness to the importance of civil aviation for social and economic development around the world. It is also intended to promote the safety and efficiency of air transportation. 
Civil air transportation is an important part of a country’s infrastructure and transportation system. Take today to appreciate the civil air system in your country. 
Origin of International Civil Aviation Day:
The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) was created  on December 7, 1944. In 1994, ICAO celebrated the first International Civil Aviation Day, in recognition of the organization’s 50th anniversary.  In 1996, The United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution recognizing December 7th as International Civil Aviation Day.

Celebrate this day by planning a trip for yourself but be sure to keep yourself and your papers safe while you are traveling around the globe. 

Or maybe you LOVE to travel and want to start your own business……..

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